The Singapore Children's Society
Target Audience

• Raise massive public attention and commotion against cyberbullying
• Make cyberbullying so negatively viewed upon that future bullies will think twice
• Make it known that cyberbullying can be as harmful as physical bullying
• Provide platforms for past and current victims to speak out for themselves
• Print Advertisements
• TV Commercial
• Social Media Strategy
Print Advertisements
Phase 1 of our campaign, the posters were meant to be gory to attract attention and generate shocking commentary. Placed in optimal locations such as bus stops or train stations, the posters will lead viewers through the QR code to an explanatory website which then allows them to take action against cyberbullying in a mobile app.
Television Commercial
Phase 2 of our campaign, launched shortly after the print ads, the televised commercial brings the story of the print ad to detailed fruition. It also brings forward the notion that our digital messages can hurt more than we mean them and that we always can choose not to create these harmful messages. The commercial will also lead viewers to take action through the website and mobile app.
Social Media Strategy (Mobile App)
The final phase, is the part where we have led our viewers to participate in the campaign and share the campaign with others. By being present on various social media platforms we want to create a community of honest sharing and support.
The mobile app will allow one to share their own personal past stories and release their past hurts and pledge against cyberbullying. We hope that allowing others to share stories we can give support to current victims and enable them to stand out for themselves. There is a built in picture editor to allow one to affix scars like in the tv ad to their own pictures. They can then share these on social networks like facebook and instagram and hashtag it to contribute to a collective album.
Social Media Strategy (Instagram & Youtube)
The Instagram will feature selected images and cyberbullying stories from the mobile app and other instagram users. The Youtube will house the commercial for easy sharing with others, while featuring video content about facing cyberbullying situations or helping those in distress. It will also surprise the public with interviews on unexpected cyberbullied celebrities. 
Social Media Strategy (Facebook)
The facebook will serve as a hub for all the content related to the campaign as facebook has the largest user base. It will serve as a fast communication outlet for people that need help and advice from proffesionals. They only have to message the page itself. Further, there is a 'Glitch Lab' application tab on the facebook page that will allow people to glitch their profile pics as a solidarity community pledge against cyberbullying. 
Thank you for viewing 'Virtual Words, Physical Hurts'.
There is no place for cyberbullying in our world. Thus, we hope our project may serve as an inspiration for others with interest in the topic of cyberbullying.
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Virtual Words, Physical Hurts

Virtual Words, Physical Hurts

School Assignment. An advertorial campaign to raise awareness and curb cyberbullying.


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