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Game art: Tiki Slot
Tiki Slot
Concept sketch for Slot game main screen GUI and symbols.
Slot symbol painting progress
This are ready coloured symbols. I used Photoshop shapes, blend modes, layer styles and masks. So all symbols can be resized, edited and recoloured with no problem.
Symbol colour variations
I started with creating mood board on Pinterest with different images related to Tiki theme.
Then I start sketching some typical and original objects on paper. It was Tiki bar buildings, Tiki coctail glass and other cool staff.
First rough sketches
When I have several interesting symbols I move to sketching overall screen design in b/w. I prefer to sketch screens in Photoshop because of ability to implement changes very quickly.
So I finished with grayscale main screen sketch with all main GUI elements and symbols.
Grayscale sketch for Main screen GUI and symbols
Move to colouring part. I prefer to start with neutral lighting for background. This way I am able to model any lighting and mood with filter layers in future.
So I created neutral background with sunlight and then changed it to moonlight. Correct symbols lighting also. 
Main screen background without symbols
Time to create some clear buttons. I did all buttons from Photoshop shapes + layer styles + blending. Everything can be resized and can be edited.
Spin button
Paytable button
Bet button
Bet Max button
Bright sunlight colour variant. Just searching different colour combinations.
Thank you for watching!
And I hope it was interesting for you :)
Game art: Tiki Slot

Game art: Tiki Slot

Slot main screen in Tiki style. Main screen GUI, background and symbols.


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