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Game art and GUI for Farm for kids mobile game
Farm for kids

One more cool game created in collaboration with YovoGames team! 
I worked as remote Game Artist and communicating with PM and Art Lead through Skype and email. All money, schedule and other formal questions was discussed with PM and all art questions and decisions with Art Lead.

My goal for the project was to create new appealing Game assets (skin) for existing game.
For this project I created:
- game art (characters, backgrounds, game objects from sketches to final art)
- GUI (buttons, panels, arrows)
- icon and banners for Google Play

Pre production
After PM suggested me the project:
- I carefully did read Game Design document 
- did test Style reference image 
- estimated project in Excel. 
Yeah :) first tool I used for the project was Excel!

Test image to find overall style direction for future game
After estimate approval we were ready to start.
First of all I converted tasks from Game Design document to Trello cards.
All process was controlled through Trello boards. A bit of SCRUM there :)
This way PM was able to review overall project progress in any moment and Art Lead was able to approve ready tasks and post comments/corrections. Very useful tool for remote work as for me.
My design workflow
My workflow for creating backgrounds:
- sketching everything on paper (overall compositions and big shapes design)
- creating clean sketches in Photoshop (clean up, add important details, resize)
- creating clean vector art in Illustrator or in Photoshop
So I started with rough sketches, then was a bunch of corrections by Yovo Games and vector "magic" finally :)
Good Character can't be created straight from first shot. Here you can see some of my character sketches.
All characters were optimized and exported ready for animations in game engine.
Locations and game objects
And here Locations! Every location have zones with objects to interact with. 
I did a lot of vector objects for this game - food, tools, small characters. I like to draw such cute small things. 
Different game objects
Do you need some fish, buddy?... Sure dude :)
Main menu screen and GUI
When all Locations were ready and approved I started to design Main menu screen and final GUI elements. 
Main menu with Play button, Remove ADS and Social icon. Optimized for different screen sizes
Basic GUI components
Shop screen
If you need money you can always buy some :)) This is shop screen with place for advertising banner and optimized for different screen sizes.
And sure if you have money you can buy a lot of cool stuff.
Different houses you can buy in Shop
Backgrounds you can buy in Shop
The same with game icon for Google Play. I did a lot of variants to find better one. 
Icon sketches for Google Play. Tons of them really :)
This is awful vector besides all this cute stuff :) 
But good point - you can resize everything in any size you want. So it's really cool way of creating multi-screen designs.
Everything created in vector and can be resized as needed
So it was another one game project I did for Yovo Games.  Let me know if you need something similar and I will be glad to discuss how can I help you.
Comments are welcome! 
Let me know if you like or don't like something :)
Game art and GUI for Farm for kids mobile game

Project Made For

Game art and GUI for Farm for kids mobile game

Game art and GUI for Farm for kids mobile game. Created for YovoGames.