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Game art and GUI for Cleaning house mobile game

Cleaning house

Glad to share with you my collaboration with YovoGames Super-professional team! I was happy to work with them and create:
- game art (character, background, game objects)
- GUI (buttons, panels, arrows)
- icon and banners for Google Play

So here you can see screens for Cleaning house mobile game for toddlers.

My goal was to create wimsical and cute character plus backgrounds for different game locations and all game objects for every location. A lot of work to be true :)

I started with rough sketches, we corrected and approved everything with YovoGames And then I did a lot of vector "magic" :) to create final screens.
Hope you will like it and thank you for watching.
Comments are welcome!
Lobby screen with Play button, Remove ADS and Social icons
My workflow:
- sketching everything on paper (just overall compositions and big shapes design)
- creating clean sketches in Photoshop (clean up, add important details, resize)
- creating clean vector art in Illustrator or in Photoshop
Here you can see sketches for Kitchen and Desk zones.
There are several Locations in the game. And every location have several zones with different objects to interact with. Here you can see zones for Loft location. 
Kitchen stuff. Food, food and ... yeah, food :)
And Kitchen again. Yeah, I like to draw kitchen and food.
I did a lot of vector objects for this game - pants, utensils, tv, music objects, cloth, food. I like to draw such cute small things. 
Different game objects
Just a divider for screens :) cool, right?
Here you can see backstage. Uuuuug-gu-gu-gu-gu-uu! This is awful vector besides all this cute stuff :) 
But good point - you can resize everything in any size you want. So it's really cool way of creating multi-screen designs.
It was only a tiny part of art created for the game so try it to see more, it's free on Google Play.
Comments are welcome! 
Let me know if you like or don't like my images :)
Game art and GUI for Cleaning house mobile game

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Game art and GUI for Cleaning house mobile game

Game art, character design and GUI for Cleaning house mobile game by Yovo Games