Adobe Ideas CS6 Launch
application visual for the celebration of Creative Suite 6 release
While Adobe Ideas is not part of the Creative Suite of Adobe products, I was asked to create an illustration that represents Ideas and fits into the launch theme of digital portraits. Artists and designers from around the world were asked to create inspirational imagery that would be used to represent the different products as the idea of product packaging shifts to a new form. I was pretty honored to be asked by the group at Adobe to join in the fun. The illustration was created using Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas on the iPad and then finished in Adobe Illustrator.
I got to work with a talented photographer - Brian Cummings and a great model, Monica Heitz to create the look I was hoping for. The imagery couldn't have been more inspiring and I played with compiling and adjusting the pics in Photoshop Touch.
The final image so far has only been used as a small clip on the main page of Adobe but should be seen alot more in the near future.
Here is a timelapse video of the whole process. Thanks to Darrick Hayes for helping me put this together.