Pizza Hut, No Time To Cook
Ogilvy Malaysia 2016

We believe there’s a story behind every Pizza Hut delivery order.
Layers to every scenario; that behind every pizza box, is a story; a reason that someone decided to order delivery.

In 2015, we created a series of posters that revealed these stories. We chose to literally carve depth into each pizza box as a way to represent the layers behind every decision to order pizza, in a quirky and visually arresting way. Every story was drawn and composed using real Pizza Hut boxes, and every piece was meticulously cut by hand. Each piece of artwork depicted a situation familiar with everyone, but particularly relatable to young adults. This campaign picked up a Bronze at Cannes, awarded at One Show, and received a Silver at Adfest & AdStar.

The following year, we refreshed the idea with a second campaign. One story was of a disgruntled family, troubled by the number of unexpected guests that seem to turn up from all directions. Another story depicted how a mother created chaos in the kitchen, leaving her family members hungry at the dining table. The final story showed an ultra-busy woman, who has to juggle a baby and multiple house chores, giving her absolutely no time to cook. All these scenarios demonstrate real-life episodes that commonly lead to one ordering pizza delivery.

The use of the Pizza Hut boxes in the composition of these stories was not only to create a bold, striking effect, but also to remain brand-relevant, as the promotional art is made of the same material as the product packaging.
Pizza Hut, No Time To Cook