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    Cadbury, A Glass & A Half of Joy - Santa
Illustration: Illusion
Ogilvy Malaysia 2016

Cadbury stands for Irrepressible Joy. Every 200 grams of Cadbury chocolate promises more than just a delightful sensation- it promises one and a half glasses of pure full cream milk, which is the extra glee and delight packed into every bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate. It’s the key ingredient that has set Cadbury apart from any other confectionery. Most importantly, it is the brand’s long held promise that you’re taking in more goodness in every bite. 

Cadbury wanted to communicate these values in a new and refreshing way that would reach a new audience, while still staying relevant to current consumers. 
This campaign is a celebration of that joy. A reminder of all the goodness and fun that goes into Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. 

Visually crafted to mimic the iconic ‘Glass and a Half’ Cadbury symbol, a look closer reveals stories of joy we can all relate to - joyous characters and objects coming together to form even more joy. 
It captures the sheer anticipation of joy – as it’s about to happen. 

In Malaysia, Cadbury Dairy Milk has lost some of its aspirational value. We decided to target young adults, aged 20-30 and have them reconnect with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate on an emotional level. 
The decision was to tap into the brand’s iconic identity and appeal to a sense of nostalgia. It’s a twist on an identity very familiar to the target audience. They grew up exposed to the symbol – and now, we’re thrusting it back into the spotlight in a surprising way. 

The ads were painstakingly crafted to bring out all the properties associated with the milk chocolate. 
We decided on three of the most relevant stories that everyone could resonate with. One ad captures the moment of joy when Santa is about to place a present underneath the Christmas tree. Another ad depicts the instance of joy that starts when a marching band is about to kick in with horn instruments. The third ad evokes the joy of a clown, about to make a balloon animal. 

While the stories of anticipation within them played the prominent role, the craft had to still play up its appetite appeal – it is an indulgent confectionery after all. 

At a glance, we wanted to evoke an immediate sense of joy – just like how the intense experience of Cadbury’s taste opens your heart to irrepressible joy.