The Playlist Project - ROCK ME A SONG Month 12th
Well i took my time posting this one, i had it ready for months i think lol!   Yet here it is!
The 12th Month for the second phase of the playlist project!!!!   The second Complete year!!!!!!!
As you know this years collection was composed only by people suggestions and cannot thank enought to each and everyone that cared to participate in this project :)
It has been hard work, juggling with regular work, freelance work and my own craziness but feels good to see all this togeter.
The project continues in its third and final phase currently,  i will post something about it soon too.
In the mean time here is the Playlist, Enjoy!
21-FEB- Santeria by Subline •  Catalina from Colombia
22-FEB- Shadow Life by Slash • Jessie from Canada
23-FEB- Prisioner by The Weeknd feat Lana del Rey •  Jayde from USA
24-FEB- Street Figh Man by The Rolling Stones • Moriarty from Spain
25-FEB- Plush by Stone Temple Pilots • Elizabeth from Chile
26-FEB- Lady Grinning Soul by David • Florencia from Argentina
27-FEB- Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes • Sonia from Guatemala
28-FEB- Between You and Me by Brandon Flowers • Kat from Chile
29-FEB- Toxicity by System of a Down • Celeste from México
1-MAR- The First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes • Marcela from México
2-MAR-  Shots by Imagine Dragons • Kat from Canada
3-MAR- Return to Me by October Project • Abby from USA
4-MAR- Poison by Alice Cooper • Ayleen from Italy
5-MAR- L'amore Esiste by Francesca Michielin • Ana from México
6-MAR- Slide by Goo Goo Dolls • Cynthia from México
7-MAR- Sin Documentos by Los Rodriguez • Marta from Spain
8-MAR- Zero by Chris Brown • Serena from Argentina
9-MAR- Lado Oscuro by Jarabe de Palo • Verónica from México
10-MAR- Hotline Bling by Drake • Javier from Chile
11-MAR- Emperor New Clothes by Panic at the Disco • Natalia from Puerto Rico
12-MAR- Put a Flower in your Pocket by The Arcs • Lisa from USA
13-MAR- Dream On by Aerosmith • Morgane from France
14-MAR-  Drunken Lament by Ludo • Jasmine from USA
15-MAR- How I Could Just Kill a Man by Charlotte Sometimes • Sidney from USA
16-MAR- Prisioner of your Eyes by Judas Priest • Laura from Poland
17-MAR- What the Night Can Do by Big Talk • Dev from USA
18-MAR- Only the Young by Brandon Flowers • Denise from USA
19-MAR- Sam's Town by The Killers • Lisa from USA
The Playlist Project - ROCK ME A SONG Month 12th

The Playlist Project - ROCK ME A SONG Month 12th

12th Month for the Playlist Project - Rock me a Song!!!