The Killers • Official Sam's Town T Shirt Design
T H E   K I L L E R S  •  S A M ' S  T O W N 
O F F I C I A L  T S H I R T
Im so happy to finally post this!    I have an official   The Killers T Shirt!!!!!!!! :D
As many here know (or maybe not) some years ago i started a project that totally change things up for me
The Playlist Project. in which i basically draw a song, any song. the first year it was songs i liked, the second year. favourite songs from people all around the world, and the project is still going until i get 1000 songs made :)

Anyway to the important, i have an OFFICIAL THE KILLERS T SHIRT DESIGN!!! ( yeah im a fan)
One day i get this DM on insta from a guy called Jeff, he si happens to work with them and he told me that he liked the design very much, that he showed it to the band and they love it as well (YEAHHH) and that there was a possibility the could actually produce it on a t shirt!   Eventually i said yes lol,  but i had to wait if that was actually the case.
So i waited for some months and well i was starting to think things didn't work out in the end, but i was happy a band such as them like it, good bonus food for the soul hehe, until one day a dear friend of mine in the UK send me like 100 messages showing me that my design was on their official store, shortly after that, Jeff send me a message with the official good news :)   He told me that the band send their regards, that thel love the design and it appears so the fans, that is huge for me as a creator, even more because the playlist project is for pleasure and to pay homage to music, i never get any money from it, it was just doing something i love to do, and i hope i get to do this all the time i have in this good earth.

That was a happy day hehe,  Special thanks to Jeff for the contact and make all this possible
and of course to Sophie, she was the first one to tell me this and as a fan herself it meant a lot.