The Playlist Project • The Loud OneThousand 1

Many of you have seen the PLAYLIST PROJECT grow over the last couple of years and its finally on its third and final phase!  It all started with a couple of designs then it jumped to one year, then 2 years and now finally i will close it reaching 1000 Song Designs :)

Anyone who still wishes to participate i still got a couple hundred spots left and its super easy to do it.   I just need your name (instagram account if have one), nationality and favourite song!!!!!  (in case i drew that song already i would ask you another one and once its done i will tag you).

Again Huge thanks for all that have participated right now!!! you rock!!!   
Here is Serie No1 Playlist.

731 - Mas o Menos Bien by El Mato a un Policia Motorizado     Erendira from México
732 - Walking in my Shoes by Depeche Mode     Jorge from México
733 - Maldita Primavera by Yuri     Patricia from México
734 - Dark Times by The Weeknd     Olga from Poland
735 - No Light No Light by Florence + The Machine     Chloe from the UK
736 - Drive by REM     Dev from USA
737 - Never i Will Forget by Urbandub     Melselys from the Phillipines
738 - Time by Alan Parsons Project     Rafael from México
739 - Neon Tiger by The Killers     Kat from Canada
740 - Shot at Night by The Killers     Mayela from México
741 - Arrullo de Estrellas by Zoe     Anahi from México
742 - When the World Stop Spinning by Kyler England      Gaby from México
743 - Fly Away from Here by Aerosmith      Priscila from México
744 - The Hand that Feeds by NIN      Mar from México
745 - O children by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds        Daniela from México
746 - Cake by the Ocean by Dnce     Carlos from México
747 - Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie     Ayleen from Italy
748 - Whats Left of the Flag by Flogging Molly     Zach from USA
749 - Stickin' in my Eyes by Nofx     Rodrigo from Brazil
750 - Somebody Else by 1975     Monica from México
751 - Rock Espacial by El Mato a un Policia Motorizado     Romina from Argentina
752 - Lola by The Kinks     Daniel from USA
753 - Avon by Queen of the Stone Age     Emilio from México
754 - Flores by Titäs    Gleicy from Brazil
755 - Hideaway by Kiesza     Catalina from Colombia
756 - Future Days by Pearl Jam      Maci from USA
757 - Flamingo by La Vida Boheme      Boris from Venezuela
758 - Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin      Gabrielle from USA
759 - Color by Halsey     Missy from USA
760 -  Azul by Natalia Lafourcade       Annie from México
The Playlist Project • The Loud OneThousand 1

The Playlist Project • The Loud OneThousand 1

First Series for the Third Phase of The Playlist Project! Join in and Participate!