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    1/144 figures for a Gaming Universe.
Some years ago, DP9 hired me to sculpt some 1/144 miniatures for their Heavy Gear gaming universe.  The illustrations I had as reference were not quite standardized, so I had to get a bit "creative" with them.  The following are pictures of resin casts of some of those miniatures.  The blister packs that were on the market contained pewter casts (except for one).  The sculpting was done mostly with Kneadatite epoxy and lots of care. 
 The pewter casts in their blister pack.  The painted figures are pictured on the top.
From left to right:  A defense turret with two choices of guns, the Southern Infantry (Also made Northern infantry) and the Grel Infantry (a larger genetically altered species).
Northern infantry commander.
Grel commander.  Grels were supposed to be about 7 to 8 ft tall (about  a 1/16" taller than a human figure).
The main volume of this Defense Turret was made by casting the inside of a small measuring cup and most of the details are kit-bashed..  The turret that was sold later in stores was effectively designed via the miniature prototype and was originally only intended for use in the how-to diorama books published by DP9.
A female Grel soldier.
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