komma 17


The 17th issue of the collegiate komma magazine deals with a crucial,
yet desperation and existential fear causing topic which has accompanied humankind all along: uncertainty.
Not so long ago we had to deal with the insecurity of not knowing whether a funding of the magazine could be
ensured or not since budget reductions were mentioned over and over again. The structure of the editorial staff
would have been fractionized, thereby precluding a production of the magazine the same like before. Nevertheless,
we met a challenge, while defying uncertainty by all means. This issue unites student works, contributions like
artworks and interviews from the design scene and an essential publication on negations in German language. Furthermore, the komma magazine is still bilingual – ready for a journey into the big, wide world.
Artworks: de_form, Sally Thurer and Studio Jimbo 
Interviews: Sucuk und Bratwurst, Bruce Gilden, Teun van der Heijden and Studio YUKIKO
Music: DJ Heroin
komma 17