The challenge
To create a concept that raise awareness of what biltong is so The Chichester Biltong Company is known as the first choice in this category.
Target audience:20- 60 year olds, they shop at Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Tesco. They choose quality.Message:To get real, dry meat; buy it from The Chichester Biltong Company.

The idea
The concept connects dry humour with dried meat. To get it dry, you have to buy it from The Chichester Biltong Company. The concept will create a fuzz and lot of attention. It can be expanded to several mediums. The campaign will at first create the jokes, but eventually the audience can participate through social medias.
Web bannerA web banner containing a dry joke will encourage the audience to write in their own joke. The joke can be written directly in the banner so no one needs to elave the site they are on. It will automaticly be sent to The Chichester BIltong Comapny’s site. The best submittions are rewarded with biltong.
Social mediaThrough facebook and Twitter The Chichester Biltong Company will tweet dry humour regulary. People can join in by hash tagging their own tweets or addressing the to the company. They will then retweet their tweets.
DMThe DM is a flyer created by the best dry jokes sent in by people. The flyer will be sent out and handed out as an aftermath of the campaign. The jokes in this sketch are borrowed from different comedians and are just there temporarily.