Peace day
Paper peace
Twitter is used by a large amount of the world’s population to share links, jokes, nice words and wise words. That’s why we wanted to motivate people to tweet about Peace day on and before the actual date.

We brought back the white dove, but in paper version. Each tweet with a hash tag about Peace day will be placed on a virtual paper dove on Peace day’s campaign site. To create a climax in the campaign, all the doves will be made into tiny, real paper doves and thrown out of a helicopter over big cities all over the world. The campaign site gives people an overview over the involved cities, what time they’ll be dropped and how many doves have been gathered so far. After the drop, people can watch videos and pictures from the event and upload their own.

The campaign site also offers to create a Peace offering. This is a paper dove that you can customize with a message to someone. It can be sent virtually or printed with folding guidelines. It will be encouraged to wear a paper dove pins in preparation of the day. These can be made at home or bought at various outlets. The income will go to cost the event and organise the clean-up.