Share Square Music Festival 

What better way to make people enjoy and share music than by throwing a festival? It’s called the Share(share music) Square(because of the screen) Music Festival and will be thrown by Spotify on Facebook. Facebook groups will show live concerts with various artists for an entire week. There are several activities to participate in during the concert. The concert will have its own button so you can add the song your listening to on your Spotify play list and a share button. All your friends viewing the concert will appear in a chat and it is also possible to use the webcam to take picture with your friends (at different computers) in front of the stage. There is also a chat whit every person that is present at the concert.

This will engage more people in combining Spotify and Facebook and will open up and
environment for more music sharing after the concert.

One can also advertise through other channels for the festival. We’ve made a classical festival poster that can be placed in big cities all over the world. Web ads similar to the poster will be placed on popular sites online and of course on Facebook and Spotify. Festival passes will be handed out on the streets guiding people online. These will contain a map, earplugs, bottle opener and a program.