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    modular tsunami shelter
modular tsunami shelter
NEUBIA is a proposed evacuation shelter that addresses the growing need and urgency to implement temporary safe havens for people during a tsunami crisis. This particular shelter also serves as a vertical urban farm as well as science labs which are open to the community to promote sustainability awareness. Conceptually the tsunami shelter is designed with a hierarchical mindset. The greater the tsunami, the higher the occupancy levels become which can accommodate over1,000 people as the building produces local farmed aeroponic plants within the programmed wall space. Architecturally the design opts to create a space that is iconic as well as service able to the community as a agricultural urban farm and a tsunami shelter.

Collaboration Team: Gabriela Barajas | Milagro Carpio | Jennifer Cheng | Ashi Martin | Engineering Team

2012 2x8 AIA Los Angeles Invitational Exhibition
Project Publication via Archinect
Scholarship Awarded byPCMAC