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    architectural senior thesis
senior thesis | urban fish farm
FATHOM is an Adaptive Fish Farm Hub & Research Facility which would promote a healthy aquaculture environment consisted of three primary programmatic components; research space, public space, and marine life space. The combination of these elements manifests into a hub for people, technology,research and marine biodiversity. Small scale urban fish farms will inevitably become increasingly more relevant in thenear future as local food sourcing becomes a dire necessity in order to create a sustainable human lifestyle. Aquaculture facilities today inadequately address the context of our ever growing urban fabric and the redefinition of the architecture of these types of facilities has been marginally explored.

The definition of man-made space for fish and humans is reinterpreted through the analysis and research of specific fish habitation,hydrodynamic movement and water temperature studies which elicit a specific form of architecture and the way fish can inhabit space alongside human interfaces. Behaving as a coral reef for humans, FATHOM is a biological natural system which provides water, energy,food and flexible social spacial qualities as the rise and fall of tides dictate where people, fish and water flows through the building. The industrial mood of the steel superstructure composed of a space frame takes form in an exotic appearance which is en-wrapped by an opaque skin capturing the organic nature of deep sea creatures generating a layered blurred cohesion of artificial and natural spacial environments.

IIDA Southern California Student Design Exhibition
2012 Fall Interim Cal Poly Pomona Selection