Christmas  GIFT  BOX  for  Business  Partners
Czech Republic has a great tradition in pop-up books design. My whole generation brought up in 70's, remembers those interactive fairy tales books, illustrated by Vojtěch Kubašta or those others
– anonymous children's books' illustrators based in Eastern Europe.
For many of us, those books were the very first tangible experience with 3 dimensional art (no Maya or 3DStudio, any 3D movies... or even the Internet as a source of constant joy and food for our craving imagination).
The paper made –-full colour 3D nativities, post cards and calendars used to be very traditional Christmas gifts, send to loyal clients and business partners, obviously via the real post service, delivered by human postman... not a virtual m...chimp. It had been often coming with neatly wrapped product , new price list for the next year, wall calendar... or just kind and humble
New Years greetings.
Many of us had been missing this nice tradition in our modern, dominated by on-line media era... That's probably why my Polish friend from Fresh Flow Marketing asked me to resurected the beautiful idea of VINTAGE looking  NATIVITY GIFT BOX.
I've never before done anything close to paper engineering project. But there is no obstacles for the brave soul ;o), especially if you really want to learn something new, to push your limits in case of creating THE PIECE... you really want to create!
My biggest pain was those all evenings I've spend with scalpel and mock up, as well as all those hours,
when I was neatly polishing dozens paths in Ai – those special ones – for plotter cutting and for bending.
As a practical person, I tried to prepare the design this way, that it would give a client the most economical solutions (for printing and plotting and for the last stage – the most expensive, mainly manual work – precisly attaching all the pop-up nativity parts to the double-shelved box)
All painting was: 1. sketched & drawn on A3 tracing paper (perfect if you must improve you sketches and need to use eraser  2. redrawn on A3 aquarel paper, than painted with Winsor&Newton + Derwent Inktense watercolors and Koh-i-nor aquarel pencils  3.  photographed one by one  4. Tuned and cut out in Photoshop 5. Exported to Illustrator and than matched in group according to the pop-up model
The easy way of  "customizing" the ready made, already printed boxes
The special design of the all mobile particles allows us to add few extra actors to the basic, traditional scene.
Above  – an example. A silhouette of carpenter was added – as a worshipping representative of a building materials producer
(unfortunately their board of directors didn't buy our brilliant idea :o)
Thanks a lot for viewing.
I appreciate any comments or advice
You might have...
Marry Christmas + Happy & Healthy & Creative New Year
to  ALL  of   YOU


Czech Republic has a great tradition in pop-up books design. My whole generation brought up in 70's, remembers those interactive fairy tales book Read More


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