Duarte Roque Cafe
Illustration for t-shirt
Personal project
 The simulation of how it would look like on the t-shirt - it was baby size!
A "It's a Boy" kind of present!
Rapha's goodbye t-shirt
Illustration for t-shirt
Personal project
Raphael, aka Rapha, is a French friend from Bordeaux who I met while working at Exmouth Coffee Company.
He is very chilled out and we exchanged language knowledge: he helped with my French and I helped him with his English.
One of the things I most cherish from those lessons are all the Cool French expressions he taught me, most related to just keeping it cool. Very much like Rapha. 
Cool Raoul
Tranquille Emile
A l'aise Blaise
Relax Max
and they all rhyme :)
a t-shirt FOR Rapha
It had to be GREEN, his favourite colour
He is a Barista, so it had to have COFFEE somehow
It had to have his Mafia white hat that he wore all the time
and of course it had to be Cool like Rapha
Rapha's logo - coffee/barista + mafia white hat
adaptation of French expression for "Chill Out"
font "Thirsty Script Extrabold"