Business Cards
Multiple projects
Business cards are an important part of a business.
Everyone who wants to be taken seriously professionally should have one.

As a freelance graphic designer, these projects have helped me deal with a real situation while dealing with friendly clients, 
as all these projects were made to help family and friends in their businesses.

As real projects for real clients, to protect their privacy, the contact numbers have been crossed out.

Hospital de Santa Cruz' Cardiac Surgery Department
This was my first business card ever!
My dad is a Cardiac Surgeon at Santa Cruz' Hospital in Carnaxide, Lisbon (Portugal).
When he became Director of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, his old business card was greatly outdated and he needed a new one.
He liked the result so much I ended up doing one for the whole department.

The business card had to have two versions, one in Portuguese and one in English, as my father travels quite a bit for Congresses, workshops and presentations.
designed two versions of it: one in Portuguese and one in English
My First Personal Business Card!
This is my mark: a graphic acronym for my full name (SSSN) Hand-drawn and digitalised
front and back
Sam, La Chef
Samantha is the biggest foodie I know and she has a great talent: cooking!

She asked me to help her out by making her business card.
Her request was a woman's outline and a knife and a whisk, possibly crossed in front of her.

Sam is a strong independent woman, very feminine and a bad ass in the kitchen.
It was such a fun project!
different versions for a Landscape layout business card
Pattern for Sam, inspired on the Louis Vuitton's classic pattern
Sam's business card!
Business Cards

Business Cards

freelance design projects of business cards