This is project was completed in collaboration of Kasia Dybek and Stephanie Choza Macre, in a Junior Studio for Graphic Design.

Pressure Points is an international conference on human impact over various vital habitats on Earth. It takes places in two Brazilian cities, Curitiba, which has become a model city for sustainable urbanization planning, and Sao Paulo, world’s seventh most populated city. During three days of the conference (from 21st till 23rd of October, 2012), speakers, visitors and participants take part in several workshops and presentations. The main topic of the Pressure Points conference is to raise awareness of how everything connects: human actions and world habitats. It promotes education and global movement towards conscious changes and improvements.

The design of the Pressure Points conference is based on images of nature, anatomical elements and demographic motifs. It incorporates an idea of connecting both visuals and persuasive language. A constant element of a red spot conveys the message of an action stimulus, ready to be pressed.
This the motion piece for the Environmental Conference Pressure Points. It is a 00:13 sec.clip used in different communication channels for the campaign. It is also found on the website and other interactive promotional channels, e.g. iPad. 
A conference booklet is one of the informational channels of communication. It is distributed among the speakers, visitors and all participants of the conference. The design of the booklet is a reference to the posters with a focus on clear and effective information. Different sections in the booklet (schedule, speakers, additional information, etc.) are indicated by a color tap in the top of each page.
The website for the conference is an interactive experience for the viewers. It contains all information about Pressure Points: schedule of the events, speakers, latest updates. One can sign up and register on the site. There is a count-down till the date of the conference and a promo video. An idea is to obtain all necessary information from the main site by scrolling up and down, so one can explore multiple views at the same time instead of going to different sections seperately.
Table tents and promotional postcards are promotional channels of communication. Table tents are to be found on the tables during the panels of discussion and presentations. They incorporate the design from the posters with clear messages about the conference. The postcards are mailed to the participants and all willing to attend the event. They include a clear explanation of the Pressure points and basic information about the conference, e.g. dates and locations.
Billboards and exterior signs reinforce a global aspect of the conference. There are not only seen on the highway billboards, but also more common buildings, like housing, office space and city center constructions. They are persuasive and promotional channels of communication, including intriguing phrases and images based on the original poster design.
Nametags and tickets are obtained by all the participants during the process of registration on 21st of October, 2012, in Curitiba. It contains the name and additional personal info, e.g. guest speaker / staff member, etc. The tickets take a form of a wristband and allows the entry in both cities, Curitiba and Sao Paulo. It is more convenient than a regular ticket and easily recognized outside the conference.
Promotional materials for the conference include a range of merchandise. Recycled bags with a map motif and pressure points spot are an alternative to regular totem bags. Promotional buttons and t-shirts include conference’s identity and its name for a quick recognition and use outside the workshops and discussion panels.