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    BEHIND CLOSED EYES: Sounds of Carnotstraat
tBEHIND CLOSED EYES: Sounds of Carnotstraat is an art project created in Antwerp, Belgium. It was a part of the exchange program between four art colleges: Ringling College (US), Aalto University (Finland), St. Lucas Art School and Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Belgium).

BEHIND CLOSED EYES is a CD of 8 short tracks. The album is a collection of sounds, melodies and noises recorded, edited and arranged to capture and reflect the unique atmosphere of Carnotsraat street in Antwerp. 

On the last day of the project, me and friends who took part in the project, were standing on the street giving away 50 copies of the CD to the people passing by. 

To listen and download the tracks, follow the link:
Photos by Karen Arango