...of visiting top ten National Trust sites on a virtual tour. Learn more and explore the stunning locations, take a photo with a breathtaking background, share and view the pictures. Get inspired to visit the National Trust in one of your favourite places across the country!
The website is a part of an interactive campaign 'Get a Sense', a case study project for my master degree. It provides a sample of the real experience that awaits for the future visitors on the National Trust sites and shows the diversity of activities and experiences that the National Trust can offer.
It gives a chance to view one of top ten National Trust locations, take on a virtual tour and navigate through the site. While listening to the sounds of nature, you can discover stories and activities related to the place. You can also use the webcam to take a photo and get a sense of being in your favourite spot. You can share your photos and view other pictures to get excited for your next trip to the National Trust. 
Thank you for viewing!