Hi There!
Its been a while since I've updated my page with a big project, apologies! I've been so busy recently but I'm finally back! :)
This February, I had the pleasure of working with The Birmingham Repertory Theatre as a Assistant Digital Artist on their productuion, The Honey Man.
My role was to first, redesign their existing promotional flyer, to appeal to a new, younger market. Their aim was to draw in a new audience to the play, and to the theatre in general, of people who usually wouldn't go to the theatre.
Below is the original flyer that The Birmingham Rep used to promote The Honey Man.
Existing promotional flyer for 'The Honey Man'.
One of the things I noticed about the original flyer, was that It never really stood out much due to the use of dull colours and imagery.The first thing i wanted to do with my designs was to incorporate bright colours and a strong use of imagery which would relate to the title of the play and help to attract more people.
Below are my concepts for the new promotional flyer.
Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Concept 4
Of the concept ideas that I designed for the new flyer, the 2nd one was the most well recieved. Taking the feedback I was given on board, I then went ahead and updated the design...
Final Flyer Design Front
Final Flyer Design Back
Once the Flyer Design wFas complete, the next step of the project was to assist in the production of the play. Because The Honey Man' used digital projection within the play, there would be key scenes within it that would need specifc backgrounds and actions.
For this, I was needed to edit existing imagery to suit each scene. These edits would include separating background elements, composition changes and recolouring clothes etc.
Scene 1 + Edits
Scene 2 + Edits
Scene 2 - Final Composition
Once all of the digital elements of the play were completed, the next step of the project was to create a promotional trailer which would used on Youtube and on the official 'Honey Man' website.
The trailer consisted of custom text animations and transitions, and I also designed elements such as namecards and splash screens
The Honey Man Teaser Trailer - Screenshots
You can watch the teaser trailer online here: The Honey Man Teaser Trailer
Working as a Assistant Digital Artist on ‘The Honey Man’ was a terrific experience for me. 
Coming in to the project, I, admittedly, had limited knowledge of the theatre and its production methods but the skills learnt during the course of the project have now become invaluable to me in my everyday life.
While creating digital content for the production, I learnt about composition, photo manipulation, colour editing and the process of how digital projection works on this large a scale.
I also took this opportunity to learn more about video production techniques such as text animations and video transitions.
The work I created played a major role in the final production, as the marketing flyers I designed were used for a nationwide campaign to promote the play, and the promotional trailer I produced was seen online by many and helped to raise awareness of the production.
Aside from the work I produced, it was a pleasure to see everything come together when I actually got to see the play, such as the music, the animations, the visuals and of course the actors. 
While working with the team beforehand, and being around rehearsals, it was hard to imagine what the final production would come out to be, but it greatly exceeded my expectations.
Since working on The Honey Man, I have been commissioned to create another promotional trailer for a company as they were impressed with what I created on this project, and I continue to use the new skills I have gained on a daily basis, in my day job as a Graphic Designer.
I am thankful for this opportunity to have played such a big role in the look and feel of the marketing campaign, and also to have been responsible for helping to set up and design some of the key scenes within the play and help them come to life.