Hi all!
I'm back again with another major project update. This project displays the design work I created for this years 'VSFigting 5' event which took place in Birmingham, UK on The 8th and 9th of August 2015.
VSFighting is an annual gaming event ran by 'Electronic Dojo' in which competitors from all over Europe compete in a number of fighting games such as Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat.
To see the Promotional work I did for the event last year, click here: VSFighting 4
For this years promotional materials, I decided to stick to a similar 'Black and White  Theme' as the previous year. This was because it was very well recieved by the audience and competors alike, and also that it was a welcome change to what is normally seen throughout the UK Fighting Game community.
Another thing I wanted to do was to stay away from using popular game characters within the main poster. Because there is usually a lack of Hi Res assets available for character models, there tends to be alot of repetition in the use of them.
After looking around on various stock image sites I found the image below...
I felt that this image was a great fit for the main poster as it still related to fighting games (Karate Gi) and his stance and expression evoked a sense of passion that would reflect well on the event.
Below are are teaser and final posters for the event.
VSFighting 5 Teaser Poster
VSFighting 5 Final Poster
VSFighting 5 Logos
Individual Game Promotional Graphics
As well as designing all of the promotional materials, I also designed the stream overlays and produced the live stream for the event. These overlays consisted of scorecards, lower thirds and general information graphics. Below are a few screencaps from the stream...
VSFighting 5 Live Stream Screencaps
Also, as part of the promotion for the event, I also produced two video trailers. The first was a teaser trailer made to build excitement for the event,and the other was the official trailer with solid event information and a full game line up.
VSFighting 5 Promotional Trailers
The event was a great success with Electronic Doj reaching their biggest numbers yet! To find out more about them and what they do, you can go to www.electronicdojo.co.uk or find them on Facebook here: Electronic Dojo Facebook