An archetypal approach
This flat pack lamp design is in reference to the archetypal, where only the essential and basics of a lamp are present. The honest, minimal and simplistic lamp seeks to bring forth the message of environmental wastage; in response to the overtly extravagant aspect of the modern life. 
A piece of minimalistic and elegant addition to modern homes.
The prototype shown is after 3 iterations, keeping golden ratio proportions in mind.
are joints possible with flat pack?
how can I simplify the existing form of a lamp?
how do i add further support to the base?
will clamping the bulb results in discoloration of acrylic?
Is it industrially feasible?
The acrylic used were sandblasted after initial prototypes proved to be too bright and jarring. Sandblasting provides a softer and diffused glow from bulb more suited for the user.