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    Year 1 coursework
Cosmic Latte
A Rhythm in White 
The Universe, a seemingly vast blanket of darkness, has in fact been accredited by astrophysicians in 2001 with a rather unassuming color - the proletariat beige: or more whimsically, the Cosmic Latte. This installation, with its constructivist facet, aims to orchestrate the spatial permutations that occur as the interlacing strips of white yarn ceaselessly interact with the corresponding environment, giving rise to a myriad of titillating, euphonious visual responses proffered by the shifting artificial and natural lights. An interesting corollary, as light from faraway galaxies reaches Earth, the average color of the universe will marginally increase towards pure white. 

Team: Zurianah H, Daniel Yeo, Gaius Teoh, Jonathan Lim, Ng Qi Yang, Ng Zhenhui, Serene Ng
Material: Yarns

Special Thanks: Ina Conradi
There exists a symphony at the heart of the installation, not only by how the yarns are systematically placed, but also by the way light and shadows around them are affected.