Gayatri Yoga Center
New name and corporate identity of the former Yoga Center Daulet Nazarov
The basis of corporate identity is "Surya Namaskar" - the worship of the sun. "Surya" means "sun" and "Namaskar" - "greeting".  In ancient times the sun was the subject of the daily ritual of worship, because it was a powerful symbol of spiritual consciousness. The idolization of the Sun and worship it was for each person the first and most natural form of expression of internal feeling. In the culture of Yoga - Sun worship is practiced as a daily ritual. Surya Namaskar represents a series from 12 positions of a body. The main element of identity is the sun, consisting of figures standing in the asanas. The ideal time to engage in the practice of Surya Namaskar - sunrise, the most quiet times, when the atmosphere is filled with sunlight, so important to humans. That is why the visual composition is built on a greeting the sun. The choice of the spectral range is not accidental. As you know, yoga believe that a person has seven energy centers (chakras). Each chakra has its own color and energy.
Hand drawing