The School of Enviromnetal Studies' logo features a cactus and the sun. Overall it shows the Jericho desert environment. In it's special school pattern, it shows a cactus, water waves, and stars.
The School of Jurisprudence is one of the oldest schools in the university and it's logo features the two tabliods of moses in which the 10 commandments were written. The building of this school is also inspired by the 10 commandments tabloids.
The logo for Center for Ecumenical Research is about four books (top view) of four major religions coming together and creating a mandala. The dot in the middle creates a center point which reflects the word "Center". The specialized patter uses the ligo in a repeated tile that creates flowers and madalas.
The forst logo to be done in this series, the School of Medicine's logo uses a stethoscope that spells the letters "U" and "J" fir University of Jericho. The school's patter hints the heart beat graph.
School of Architecture uses historical Helenistic column which has shaped the art of the region. 
The School of Bussiness and Economics uses the signature curve of the brand and makes them into a "B" for bussiness and "E" for econmics. the pattern uses the logo inverted into eachother to form numbers of 3, 8, and mathematical symbols.
University of Jericho Master Branding