XWiki simplified it's model by introducing the nested pages concept. This required major modifications to the navigation and management of entities inside XWiki. Macaw Skin was proposed as a solution for the restructuring of the global and content menus. Macaw Skin is a mobile-oriented skin, based on Material Design guidelines. XWiki is an extensible open source platform for developing collaborative applications on top of the wiki paradigm.
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MY ROLE — 2015
I was responsible of rethinking the way users navigate inside XWiki, following the removal of the space concept and allowing the creation of nested pages. One major objective was to simplify the actions presented to the user.
In the process of creating this skin, I've also integrated Google's Material Design principles.
I prefer to interact and create the design in the environment it will live in, so I usually code my proposals directly in HTML+CSS. All my design proposals are discussed inside the XWiki Community, which is an Open Source community around the XWiki platform.