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Customers Network | 2016

The Customers Network is the central place for all XWiki Cloud accounts information, like instances, invoices, issues, statistics, etc. XWiki is an extensible open source platform for developing collaborative applications on top of the wiki paradigm.

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I've designed and prototyped the Customers Network, which is a portal for XWiki Cloud clients. It is dedicated to paying customers and provides access to account information, invoices, statistics, support ticketing system, store and online payments. I had to provide the structure and design for the desired functionalities, making sure there is consistency between the internal products (another example is the Support Portal).

I prefer to interact and create the design in the environment it will live in, so I usually code my prototypes directly in HTML+CSS. Build on top of the open source XWiki platform.
Customers Network | 2016


Customers Network | 2016

Design focused on managing account information, from invoices to statistics.