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    U150, 11Inches notebook design featuring a slim case, anodized aluminium cover and special matt textures
The U150 is a 11 inches thin notebook, featuring an anodized aluminium cover available in red & black with etched pattern, a glossy black loop who makes the product refined, slim and unique.

There is a new color layout inside, with a 2 color tones & a special keyboard design with black function keys. The color separation inside extends the black color of the screen area to the keyboard area, allowing to group all functions keys in the same visual area.

Project developped in the first half of 2009.

I was the project design manager on this project, taking care of doing the ID, the shape itself and supervising the color & material team. Co-work with marketing, technical product manager, taiwanese manufacturer.
U150 Black version. Black anodizing aluminium on the cover, and textured plastic with metal painting on the palm rest. The Touchpad area receive a mylar with thin dots texture and metal plating buttons.