For the love of typography 3 is an event head by Manasi Keni. I conducted the 'Eat Your Type' workshop with Vidhi Madiyar. We provided our participants with the ingredients needed to make the cookie dough and the aim was to shape the cookie dough to form words. Ovens, beaters, aprons, butter, sugar here, flour there.. It was a mess! The cookies were then placed on paper and interesting layouts were created using sprinklers, chocolate chips, icing, illustrations and so much more. We ran around with our baking trays and cameras, photographing every step of the process. The smell of freshly baked cookies made everyone’s tummy rumble! The class smelled of cookies for an entire week! Our objective was to break through the monotony of paper and pencil and create type with what you love, be it anything.
Below is the poster designed for the promotion of the workshop.
Below are photos of the type created by those who attended the workshop.
        Freshly baked letters
       And when a cookie goes wrong..
Colorful icing
Beating the dough
If you want a cookie too,
Eat Your Type