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INSEL | LED Luminaire

Series of industrial luminaires developed by Lighting Technologies company, Russia
Primary area of application includes canopies of petrol stations and factories with ceiling height 5–12m.

Range of product features:
- waterproof protection IP66 – allows to use the luminaire in outdoor environment;
- mechanical impact resistance IK09;
- explosion-proof modification – 2ExnAIIT4/T5;
- can be used both as recessed luminaire and surface-mount projector;
- can be fitted up with microwave sensor;
- serviceable: an easy access to all components to be repaired;
- modular lens system provides a range of light flux, light distribution and power capabilities;
- perfect heat sink and mechanical properties due to the die-casted aluminium body;
- great power inside compact proportions;
- high efficiency.

Lighting Technologies
INSEL LB/R LED — recessed type
INSEL LB/S LED — surface-mounted
Surface-mounted products. Luminaire on the right is equipped with in-built microwave sensor to provide motion detection.
Aluminium body provides perfect heat sink.
Luminaire can be hold on surface with mounting bracket and adjusted in ± 45°.
Ceiling recessed luminaires.
Four screws of the front frame provide an ability get inside the luminaire. It helps to adjust the controls of microwave sensor without unplugging and taking out the luminaire.
Recessed luminaire inside the mounting frame.
Additional frame makes setup of luminaires easier and keeps them serviceable.
Heat sink ribs have additional cuts for better cooling. There is a gap between main body and driver box to organize air blowing. Sloping shape of main body and driver box prevents from water collection.
INSEL | LED Luminaire


INSEL | LED Luminaire

Series of luminaires by Lighting Technologies company