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BEAVER MILL | CNC Machining Center

Beaver MILL is a CNC machining center developed by Beaver Technology.
We took part in R&D, going through the whole process from design research to production.

The result of the analysis gave the team some ideas about what the ideal milling center should be. The main design feature of the machine is the unique configuration of units and components that allows all maintenance activities to be performed from the front of the milling center.

The front door provides access to the whole work area, spindle, tool changer and chiller service. The door on the right provides access to the electric cabinet. The bottom door conceals a slide-out drawer for metal chips and a container for coolant, oil and some other internal systems.
Design research
First design iteration
The starting point was a generative design of the milling machine bed we received from mechanical engineers.
First prototype
Second design iteration
During discussions with the team on the design research issues and first sketches we have identified some problems in typical solutions. One result was an attempt to find component configurations that would allow the user or service personnel to perform all tool maintenance activities with access from the front of the enclosure.
Сolor options
Comparison of maintenance area with typical competitors.
All maintenance of the machine is carried out from the front. As a result, the BeaverMill takes up significantly less space than other machines in its class. It can also be installed against a wall, in a corner, in a niche or in line with other machines.
Removal of metal ships and access to coolant fluid system.
Spindle cooling system
The machine can be additionally equipped with tool shelves
BEAVER MILL | CNC Machining Center

BEAVER MILL | CNC Machining Center

Design of compact but powerful CNC milling machine we have made for Beaver Technology. Unique layout of components and units allowing to reduce m Read More


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