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SYMWAY Peer-to-Peer Office Phones

Peer-to-Peer Office Phones by SYMWAY
The first in the world desk phone based on peer-to-peer architecture.
It contains a complex technological solution inside a simple elegant shape.

The phone provides comfort and fast interaction, ease of connection and simple device setup
Key Advantages of the Technology
– ease of scaling up the network just by adding endpoint devices
(regardless of company size)
– fail-safe system requires no servers at all
– network devices are connected directly having access to each other
– ease in service and support
– system building requires a far fewer investments
Slim Design
Phone's main enclosure is very slim: 6 mm at the edge and 11 mm at maximum.
Most of internal elements are mounted via metal plate to the front panel, making possible screwless design. The plate adds some extra weight, which makes phone stable on the surface.
POE board is placed separately of the main board inside an adjustable stand.
The stand has slim appearance while containing all the large components like high-speed ethernet connectors, shutdown battery and transformers.

Touchscreen Display
5-inch display with multi-touch screen provides access to all software functions.

Scissor Keypad
Keys with short travel path are perfect for fast and comfort numeric input and sound control. Keypad has three function buttons (round keycaps) with backlight indicating if state is on.

Stand Features​​​​​​​
Smooth angle adjustment is provided thanks to friction hinge.
RJ11 connectors are located on the opposite sides, preventing cables of interweaving.
RJ45 connectors are placed on the far edge of the stand providing simple connection and correct cable pathing.
Large Area Hang Up Button
Hang up button based on scissor mechanism is much bigger than usual.
It provides fast access and comfort touch feeling when ending call by hand.
​​​​​​​Handset with Magnets
Handset is hold in place by two pairs of magnets, those locate it precisely with ease when hang up. Upper part of the handset goes to concave on the phone panel while the opposite side sticks by magnet force. This makes the surface under the handset simple and clean while keeping a slim form-factor.
The range includes several devices implementing Peer-to-Peer Technology.
Phones vary on functionality and application field.
SYMWAY Peer-to-Peer Office Phones


SYMWAY Peer-to-Peer Office Phones