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    Memory book for the kindergarten - forget never your first friends!
Every year, before classes end, the AMPA (Asociación de Madres y Padres de Alumnos, or Schoolchildren Parents’ Association) organizes an event to celebrate that children finished kindergarten. During the party every boy and girl gets a unique scrapbook to treasure the time spent with the first friends they made in their lives.
Inside the scrapbook there are photos and self-written stories about the children and their caregivers. The cover and back cover of each child’s scrapbook is designed by the kids, giving a fully personalized touch to the memory book. Additionally, a pin that includes the symbol that accompanied each child during their time in kindergarten is also handed out during the ceremony.
To increase even more the uniqueness of each scrapbook, the techniques used for adding the children's design to the cover changed each year.
Photos of the memory books by Jordi Iglesias Bosch
Copy by Carolina Pujadas Torné
For the 2014 edition, kids created their designs in white banderoles that was subsequently fitted to each child's scrapbook, after printing and binding.
In 2015 the paper that was meant to be used to print and create the cover was brought to the children so that they could create their designs there. Later, that original drawing was brought to the printer and was imprinted.