I was approached by the jewelry brand S_ii_C. They hosted an exhibition titled "ART IS CURRENCY". 10 visual artist were given different jewelry pieces by S_ii_C and had to intepret them into illustrations. 
" The springbok is one of the national emblems of South Africa (the other being the protea plant) and is a symbol of national pride. The springbok ,or "bok", makes grandiose appearances on money and all the green and gold sports tees that symbolize  patriotism. The art of the springbok form and all it represents to this rainbow nation is where its value lies.
The context of the jewelry is interesting because in as much as it becomes a part of the form, it also morphs the form to new dimensions hence the springbok can twist its legs and the ghost illusion.
The cloud in the fish bowl represents our imagination and how we need to think "out the box". The reference takes direct influence from the brand name itself- limitless, infinity and imagination (S_ii_C stands for "style is incalculable")
There is also a reference to the Ndebele culture's style of wearing jewelry is also referenced to lay claim to the fact that S_ii_C is an African brand that strives to create valueable art in Mzansi" - Michelle Gumede
                                                 FINAL ARTWORK