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    "Vive La Femme Africaine" Meaning "Long live the African woman", is an illustration inspired by the saying "behind every great man is a woman"… Read More
    "Vive La Femme Africaine" Meaning "Long live the African woman", is an illustration inspired by the saying "behind every great man is a woman". Alot of revolutions and rebellions have happened in Africa due to political instability. Alot of great leaders and dictators alike, have governed Africa. The African woman is a symbol for power and love. She is willing to protect and fight for those who she loves and anything she holds dear to her heart. Western influence has penetrated all corners of the globe including what some would call "rural Africa". Alot of African tribes have had to adapt the ever evolving world. Weapons have played a huge role in revolutions and wars. People use weapons to protect their territory . The woman depicted in the image is of East African decent. She is in traditional wear but has had to pick up arms(weapons) in order to protect her territory as well as her child. In some African countries, albinos are believed to possess super powers and are abducted and mutilated and used for medicine. Other countries see them and their genes as degenerates and they are hunted and killed. This (piece) is also a comment on gender violence and how women have been abused to the point where they have to carry weapons for protection. She is " throwing up " a gang sign. This is a symbol of affiliation to a certain group or area. She is missing a finger on her left hand- perhaps from a previous violent altercation or she had to cut it off as a symbol of allegiance to a certain group (like the Triads and Yakuza have been known to do). It is not clear whether she is a bandit or is simply tired of being a target. A revolution is also a full circle. What goes around, comes around. The West brought weapons to terrorise Africans and take their territory and now the victims have gotten hold of the weapons and are now using them against any oppressers or threats. The AK47 has become a recurring symbol for rebellion. Her tattoos also tell a story. She has a crown and skull face paint. Which symbolise royalty and danger/death respectively. She also has both the words "piece" and "peace" tattooed. A piece is jargon for a gun (hence she has a Tec9 "Uzzi" machine gun image next to it). She also has the word "protect" and an image of Africa designed in a heart shape above her heart. This piece is meant to celebrate the power of a woman and her ability to make a great leader and protector. She is not behind the great man. She is the woman who is in the front. Read Less