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    A triptych of self portraits based on three favorite songs and featuring other favorite elements in my life.
I'm an Alligator!
David Bowie - "Moonage Daydream"

A perfect song that I've always loved.This self portrait is based on the very first lyrics you hear in thatsong. One of my favorite openers ever.
I've Got a Heart On Fire!
Los Campesinos! - "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed"

The lyrics in this are fast and abrupt. They kick you up and make you feel young. And that opening beat from noisy organ to violin explosion is something else.This self portrait is based on the yelling chorus, it's a great way to go out in the world like a careless beserker.
Can You Cut? I Can Cut!
Islands - "Rough Gem"

Listening to this song you can't help but get in a good mood, despite the contradicting lyrics. There's so much going on and such a fantastic flow of words. This self portrait comes from the final verse of the song, more like a statement of who you are and what you're capable of.

When I'm hanging in exhibits I usually like to have some type of odd thing on the outside of my frames to make them more interesting than just a picture in a frame. When these are hung they are meant to be together with an addition hanging on the outside of the last piece (unfortunately I was unable to take photos when this was being shown). Thus I've made a mock up.
This is a speech bubble using one of my most used phrases. Simple and effective. I figured having three larger scale images of my face I'm going to be needing to say something!