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    Great Britain in letters
The "E" for England begins with the White Cliffs of Dover and a ship heading off to France next to all there is to offer in London. The “E” keeps calm and carries on into the upper shires making a stop at Sailsbury with the much loved Black Cab. And at the very top is the festive pier at Blackpool. On the bottom dancing are the lion and unicorn from England’s Coat of Arms and a diamond crown.
While living in Scotland I made the "S" to celebrate the cities and places I loved about the country. It begins in the South West with Glasgow (the best city around) and some of it's more notable landmarks. From their it's a quick stop to Stirling before the image hits the capitol with Edinburgh. Arthur's Seat travels into Inverness and Aberdeen before meeting up with the Highlands and Islands. The bottom shows off Tunnock's Tea Cakes and Tennents Beer. Maybe I should have thrown an Irn Bru in there?