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    The Snail: An Homage to the Movable Subsistence
The Snail:

An Homage to the Movable Subsistence
The humble bicycle.

More than a vehicle, it is for many, a life.

Once a symbol of progress to the Chinese, and capable in the right hands of transporting monumental loads of stuff, the bicycle is still used by commoners to ferry cardboard,
goods and other recyclables for sale.

In a fast-paced China that seems unconcerned with burdens of its past, these locals - the slow, steady, lumbering folks who crawl through the streets hauling their bulk for a living - remain
snails on the highway of progress.

In answer to those who live by virtue of this mobile subsistence, we conceived an ultra-compact, human-powered cardboard caravan, one-fifth the size of a standard trailer and hand-constructed from completely recyclable materials.

An entire existence on wheels.

An uncommon snail.