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    This was a branding project that was generated using Kickstarter.
Using Kickstarter, my class was instructed to find a company with little to no banding. From this point the class chose a company, created an overall brand, and present it in a professional manner. 
I chose a technology company called Evolutive Labs with a product called "Rhino Shield". This product is a screen protector that absorbs 5 times more impact energy than normal screen protectors. 
I wanted to create a brand that represented both strength and simplicity. After working many hours on this concept I believe I created a strong brand that holds true to the product.
Brand Manual
Every business needs a brand manual. They save time, money, and help project a better image. Brand manuals allow designers to be more creative by focusing on the bits we can add value to, rather than changing the font for the sake of being different. Brand manuals help keep a business identity intact. They help build trust and reassurance with customers because everything produced has a common style or theme.