Cedarville University's Admissions Department needed an update to the information packet that they send to students upon acceptance into the school. Madison Grapes, Heather Branham, Katie Gunter, Angela May, and I were tasked with designing a new packet for the university admissions department. 

The overarching goals for this project, given to us by the university's Marketing Director, were:
Provide quick turnaround time, generate excitement, convey Cedarville's quality of education, clearly communicating next steps, and provide ways to connect with the University's faculty and students. The client also wanted to keep the acceptance letter flat and create a solution that did not require folding it.
Our team brainstormed personal goals as well. We wanted our solution to showcase both the fun and environment of Cedarville as well as its quality academics and professionalism. Our solution needed to be practical to implement and not outrageously expensive. When students interacted with our solution we wanted the experience to make sense and flow seamlessly from one idea to another. We did not want our design to be cluttered. 
  To meet these goals we designed a custom folder that would hold the acceptance letter. Students receive their packet in a white envelope and when they open it, Cedarville's logo is revealed in a clean, seamless design. 
To further continue the reading experience, the layout of the content on the inside of the folder is designed to draw the student's eye through all of the important information about Cedarville. Triangles were used to create a dynamic and engaging layout while reinforcing Cedarville's "Be Bold" marketing campaign.
As an added bonus for accepted students there is a custom, die-cut sticker slid into the slot where the folder comes together.  
The solution also includes inserts with contact information for the student's advisor and faculty contact. This information is not placed on the folder because it is variable data that will be printed later and added to the packet when everything is assembled. The folders are to be printed and die-cut ahead of time and the inserts, sticker, and letter will be assembled by hand after a student is accepted. This will reduce cost and enable the university to send out letters faster.  
University Acceptance Packet