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    Design an icon set and a minimalist poster for an assigned movie.
As future designers and art directors you will be called upon every day to reduce experiences, ideas and instructions down into simpler forms. In this assignment you will create eight (8) icons that capture the essence of an assigned movie with only basic symbols. Possible candidates for your icon set should include important characters, scenes, motifs, objects, lore, etc. – basically anything that would help someone quickly identify your film upon seeing your icons. Using many of the same skills that you will develop over the course of this project, you will also design an original minimalist poster for the same movie that does not depend on existing logos, typography, key art or celebrity images.
Jeffrey Wolverton
Daniel Alvarez
Anna Cavnar
Sarah Congdon
Ryan Dunckel
Joanna Tang
Kristi Ho
Blake Gentry
Nicholas Begley
Eric Cuellar
Patricia Cruz
Jessica Zint
Wolfgang Floresca
Bianca Beltran
Christian Dodson