This is my submission to the Bully Project Mural. I was pretty moved by listneing to Lee Hirsch talk about his film at this years Adobe Max Conference. The film is called Bully and is a powerfull documentary about the effect of bullying and the opportunities we have in our lives to mean something to other people. I tried to represent the duality in the chances we have when interacting, using the same image of a hand I drew to mean different things in 3 sets. Check out the links and if you are an artist, considering submitting a project. 
For this piece I drew the entire thing in Adobe Draw on my iPad and used Adobe Color to get just the palette I wanted. I transferred into Illustrator to crop the piece and seperate out the sets of hands. But mostly done on mobile device in Draw. 
To help raise public awareness about bullying in the United States, Adobe has teamed up with The Bully Project and Lee Hirsch (director of the documentary Bully) to create The Bully Project Mural website. This site gathers the work of artists and visual story-tellers to help raise awareness about the impact, causes, and possible solutions to bullying.