The Keyboard of Isolation
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'The Keyboard of Isolation' is an installation by local artist Jody Xiong, created on behalf of the family care for grassroots community in Shanghai, China. The piece was designed to raise awareness of the issues developed from China's new-found infatuation with the online world.
'The keyboard of isolation'is built from several hand-crafted human figurines sealed away in glass containers in the shape of a 5 meter long keyboard displayed with the tagline, 'go online and family is isolated'. The piece pictures thirty-six families recreated as 9 centimeter figurines inhabiting isolated bubbles, separated into 115 keys as a result of their computer addictions. As families grow more and more dependent on computers to communicate, family care for grassroots community sought to help half a billion Chinese net-citizens to realize how and why computers are becoming a point of contention within families and communities.
This campaign traveled for over 11 months, beginning in an IT mall and ending in a public square, It has been some exhibited by some of the most authoritative art museum in China, included Duolun Museum Of Modern Art, Zendai MOMA, 798 Artzone, GuanShanyue Art Museum, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Indigo Art Hotel. CCTV 1-9 Channel even has a special report on this project, Artwork affects nearly one hundred million people in China. After winning a Grand Prix at Adfest Outdoor, the campaign also won top 5 design award for 2012 in The Big Won Report.
键盘装置先后受邀参加上海证大艺术的“延时”和多伦现代美术馆“燃点”当代艺术展,并延伸到人流量更多的数码城、广场和地铁口, 更在北京798艺术中心展出,得到中央电视台的特别报道, 包括在收视率数亿人的CCTV中央电视台1—9频道黄金时段频繁播放,890辆印着键盘装置的公车巴士穿梭在上海,以及全球上千个网站的报道和转载:You Tube、雅虎、谷歌、DESIGNBOOM、 百度……引发社会的巨大话题和共鸣, 直接间接影响了全球近十亿人们上网意识。装置作品至今还在上海艺术酒INDIGO英迪格展览中,继续影响更多的人们⋯⋯
2012 Campaign Advertising Network of the Year: DDB Worldwide 
Among its highlights was a campaign from DDB China Group Shanghai for Family Care for Grassroots Community, which wanted China’s population to spend less time online and more with their family. After interviewing families who have poor relationships due to the overuse of computers, DDB worked with clay-sculpting artists to create figurines of the family members in situations they had discussed. The figures were placed in separate sealed glass jars arranged in the configuration of a keyboard.The installation went on show in a Shanghai shopping centre initially and then extended to outdoor plazas and stations. In two months, an estimated 1.8 million people saw the installation, 89 per cent of whom said they would like to spend less time online and more with their families.
The Keyboard of Isolation Won Awards
Cannes Silver Lions /  D&AD Bronze Pencil  / One Show 3 Merits  / Clio Awards Bronze /  AdFest 1 Grand Pix and 1 Golds 2 Silvers 2 Bronze / London International Awards Bronze /New York Art Directors Club Silver / Spikes Asia 1 Glods 2 Silvers 1 Bronzes /New York Festival 1 Silvers and 2 Bronzes / Long Xi Awards 2 Silvers / China 4A Awards  Grand Prix/ GDC Awards 1 Best of Best / Chinese Element International Creative Award Grand Prix / China Design Exhibition Gold Award /EFFIES Award Gold / Top 5 most awarded design in the world by the Big Won Report / Etc. 
The Keyboard of Isolation Exhibition
 OCT Art & Design Gallery / Indigo Art Hotel / Duolun Museum Of Modern Art / 798 Artzone / GuanShanyue Art Museum / Indigo Art Hotel / Shanghai Exhibition Center / Zendai MOMA  / GuanShanyue Art Museum / London’s Asia House (2014 London Design Week )/Shanghai Exhibition Center

Agency: DDB Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee
Creative Director: Jody Xiong
Art Director: Jody Xiong
Designers: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Leo Liu
Photographer:Nicholas Siaw 
Year: 2012
The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation


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