Kungfu Water功夫之水。
Gung Fu -- the best example would be a glass of water. Why? Because water is the softest substance in the world, but yet it can penetrate the hardest rock or anything -- granite, you name it. Water also is insubstantial; by that I mean you cannot grasp hold of it, you cannot punch it and hurt it. So every Gung Fu man is trying to do that; to be soft like water, and flexible and adapt itself to the opponent. BRUCE LEE

用水来形容功夫是恰当的,水是世界上最柔软的物质,但是它却可以穿透最坚硬的岩石。水也是没有实体的,这样说是指你无法抓住水,你无法击打它、伤害它。所以说每一个练功夫的人都想努力做到这一点,像水一样柔软、灵活,随着对手而有不同的变化。—— 李小龙  

The Holographic Animation Was Shown Inside The Head
Kungfu Water
Vatti is a Chinese brand dedicated to high-end intelligent kitchen appliances. Their product-Trinity Healthy Dishwasher can wash away layers of dirt. Vatti wanted us to create an interesting film to communicate with consumers.

We found that a lot of stains come from meat, so animals can be the symbols of the ingredients and all kinds of stains on dishes.
We created a virtual hero 'Water Man', to represent the cleansing power of water in Vatti dishwashers. We also created other holographic animals as symbols of leftover food and all kinds of stains on dishes. Through martial art movements, the 'Water Man' powerfully rinsed a fish, which later spat out a chicken. The chicken then spat out a bullfrog, which spat out a pig and the list goes on. At the end of the film, the 'Water Man' incarnated into a waterspout and unleashed its greatest power on an eel, and the eel spat out a clean white plate as the tagline 'Wash Away Layers of Dirt' faded in. With a sense of humor and exaggeration, the whole animation showed the powerful cleaning function of Vatti's dishwasher.






Client: Vatti China
Creative Company:The Nine X Insight Group
Credits - Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong. Vice President: Cobe Liu. Art Director: Jody Xiong. Copywriter: Candy Chen.  Artist:Jody Xiong. Architect: yunsheng Su. Sculptor: Xudong Lin.  Animated Director: Joo Teoh. Animation designers: Dai bin, Wu beibei, Li shaoxiang, Shang yin, Zhao haisheng, Li xiaoxian, Zheng kesi, Lian zhigao, Wang pan, Wu ming. Photographer: Wei Liu. Producer: Niki Xu. Music: Smile Studio,Emi. Production House: Gwantsi.


2019 The One Show Awards 1 Merit Awards; 98TH NY ADC 1 Merit Awards; 2019 New York Advertising Festival 1 Finalist40TH AWARD Awards 1 Bronze Pencil​​​​​​​2018 Spikes Asia 1 Silver and 1 Finalist at Film Category; AdFest 1 Bronze at Film Lotus; 2018 The LIA Chinese Creativity Show 1 Gold and 1 Finalist; 2018 Longxi Awards 1 Best and 1 Gold; 2018 Ad Star 1 Bronze and 2 Shortlist; 2018 The One Show Greater China Awards 2 Silver Pencils.
Kungfu Water功夫之水。

Kungfu Water功夫之水。


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