Intelligent Head / 华帝

The Intelligent Head was exhibited at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) from March 8th to 10th, 2018.

Intelligent Head
Vatti is a Chinese brand dedicated to high-end intelligent kitchen appliances. As an exhibitor at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) from March 8th to 10th, 2018, Vatti was aiming to build a distinctive brand image during the expo.

With advanced AI systems, Vatti's kitchen appliances work smartly just like human brains.

With that in mind, a bold idea was conceived. Joining forces with a couple of excellent local architects, we built a majestic 12-meter-high 'head'. When the V-shaped automatic door opens, the audience can enter into the 'head' and get a full look inside. Audiences are stunned by a magical space which consists of thousands of polygon prisms, and the holographic animation we projected onto them. In the holographic film, we created a virtual hero 'Water Man', to represent the cleansing power of water in Vatti dishwashers. We also created other holographic animals as symbols of leftover food and all kinds of stains on dishes. Through martial art movements, the 'Water Man' powerfully rinsed a fish, which later spat out a chicken. The chicken then spat out a bullfrog, which spat out a pig. Then the octopus came out of the pig's mouth and spat out a goose, the goose spat out a cow and the list goes on. At the end of the film, the 'Water Man' incarnated into a waterspout and unleashed its greatest power on an eel, and the eel spat out a clean white plate as the tagline 'Wash Away Layers of Dirt' faded in. With a sense of humor and exaggeration, the whole animation showed the powerful cleaning function of Vatti's smart dishwasher and impressed audiences with its high-end intelligent brand image.

300 thousand people have visited and experienced the installation at AWE 2018.

39% increase in the brand awareness.
500 media covered the campaign
The installation has become a new landmark in Shanghai.
China’s national broadcaster CCTV has covered the campaign.






China’s national broadcaster CCTV has covered the campaign
Inside the head, there is a magical space which consists of thousands of polygon prisms and the holographic animation.

The Installation was placed in the Zendai Himalayas Center after the exhibition.
Client: Vatti China
Creative Company:The Nine X Insight Group
Credits - Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong. Vice President: Cobe Liu. Art Director: Jody Xiong. Copywriter: Candy Chen, Yixao Chen, Hu Dong.  Artist:Jody Xiong. Architect: yunsheng Su. Sculptor: Xudong Lin. Designers: Jody Xiong, Samson Xing, Haotian Ji, Lingwei Hong, Beili Xue, Ray Pun. Animated Director: Joo Teoh. Animation designers: Dai bin, Wu beibei, Li shaoxiang, Shang yin, Zhao haisheng, Li xiaoxian, Zheng kesi, Lian zhigao, Wang pan, Wu ming. Photographer: Wei Liu. Producer: Niki Xu. Music: Smile Studio,Emi. Production House: Gwantsi.

2018 The LIA Chinese Creativity Show 2 Gold ; 2018 Longxi Awards 1 Best and 1 Gold; 2018 China 4A 2 Gold; 2018 Guangdong International Advertising Creative Festival 1 Grand Prix; 2018 Times Chinese Awards 2 The Best. 2018 China Advertising Festival 2 Gold.
Intelligent Head / 华帝

Intelligent Head / 华帝


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