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    A Deck of Fortune cards that teach people how to be financially capable and secure through developing good financial habits
Madame Legupski's Fortune Cards
IIT Institute of Design/LISC
Madame Legupski is the answer to the question "How can you teach good financial habits in a compelling manner?" A study commissioned by the Center for Working Families found that one major barrier to people developing financial capability was that for many financially challenged people, they have few or inadequately developed institutional linkages. Credit cards, bank accounts, credit scores. Because of this, they pay more for rent, cars, and homeownership is usually out of reach. If these people could learn how to "play the game" they could dramatically improve their credit scores relatively quickly and be on their way to meeting their financial goals.

After a meeting with the sponsor, their biggest pain point was a lack of interesting materials to help teach these concepts. To respond to this need I created a deck of cards that is a parody of a tarot cards. Whereas tarot cards are intended to tell one's fortune, these cards help you make your own fortune. Each card has a provocative illustration on the front, and information on the back. There are 12 Financial Archetypes (the Personalities) and 48 cards  (the Suits) that describe sources of tools, advice, planning and managing finances.

The response from our sponsor was very positive. The deck is currently in development and we are exploring ways to bring it to market.